The Will of Robert M. Sloman

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Against seven new ships of the years 1867 to 1869 there were at the end of 1871 six sold. Sloman sold the Maria Wilhelmine and the Victoria without special declaration he let efface (?) the Newton in the register. The Sir John Lawrence went at November 30 1867 on a trip to New York and was never seen again; the Leibnitz (II) had been stranded on December 12, 1870 on Barkers Island in the Southsee. A French corvette captured the Lord Brouham on 20 November 1870 near St Catherine’s Lighthouse and on 11 January 1871 the sailingship was put up to auction.


1. Prinz Albert


2. Herschel (II)


3. Palmerston


4. Eugenie


5. Humboldt (II)


6. Shakespeare

Fullship (?)

7. Reichstag


8. Friedeburgh


9. Gutenberg (II)


10. Lammershagen



After the establishment of the ships’ firm Rob. M. Sloman & Co, Robert Miles Sloman (the younger) here concentrated the whole shipping firm interests. Therefore Shakespeare II, Gutenberg II, Friedeburg, Lammershagen 1875 as well as 1876 Reichstag, Eugenie and Prinz Albert now belong to Rob. M. Sloman and Co.

The whereabouts of the Henschel (II) is not to be found in the ships-register, the last registration was in the year 1875. Is this the departure of the Herschel (II) so has Robert M. Sloman since 1876 only the Palmerston and Humboldt (II). The Palmerston was sold by Sloman in 1894 and he sold the Humboldt (II) to Fontes, Friedrichs and Kracht, Hamburg, on March 9, 1897, and from the elder Robert M. Sloman given shipsname Rob. M. Sloman went out final (??).


Thus was established the steam navigation firm as well as sailing shipping firm. As the first ship bought on 21 June 1872 the Schonerbrigg Seelent. 1874 came up the 1500 BRT Fritz Reuter and the 1300 BRT Charles Dickens, these two ships first were English iron steamships Crimean and Danube, and then they were rebuilt to fullships.


With the transfer of the seven sailships of Robert Miles Sloman to the firm Rob. M. Sloman & Co in the years 1875 and 186 the Slomansche Shipping Company has at the end of the 19th century hit his highpoint. There came still four new ships in 1878 and two iron 1,200 BRT big ships Copernikus (III) and the Kepler (II) and in 1892 the 1800 BRT big ships built of steel Koelliker and Flotow.


Only the Lammershagen, which ran aground on 18 November 1882 and the Shakespeare (II), which was condemned after damage by seas in Montevideo in October 1894, the sailors were exempt from accidents.

There is nothing in the ships register about the Gutenberg (II), Prinz Albert, Reichstag and Koeliker. Sold were: 1873 Seelent and 1881 Friedeburg. 1896 and 1897 Fritz Reuter, Charles Dickens and Eugenie went into Norwegian possession, the Hamburger shipping AG of 1896 bought the Copernikus (III) and the Kepler (II). With the carrying over of the Flotow on 8 August 1898 to the joint-stock company Alster left off final after more than one century under the name Sloman carried on sailing firm; the attempt to carry on the firm as joint-stock company Alster, they tried their best in the new century.


After the selling of the Flotow the firm Rob. M. Sloman and Co. was only a steam navigation company.